Winning and Losing/Week 3 Wednesday Night Run Club

June 24, 2010 at 5:21 am 2 comments

2 surviving cookies... not for long

In the spirit of the FIFA World Cup, I’ve been mentally keeping tabs on my own W-D-L tally this week, categorizing my ups and downs in running, and life.


Baking 2 types of delicious, vegan, and moderately healthy cookies, recipe adapted from, and altered to add blueberries. These berry-bursting baked beauties consist of mainly oats, PB, maple syrup, and pureed banana, enabled by the rediscovery of a little food processor from Santa that I had completely forgotten about.


Cutting my tongue while licking the blades of said food processor. That little sucker is WAY sharper than the magic bullet that I lick all the time I expected.


Actually winning at Ultimate last night!


Organic Chem MCAT prep this am. No description needed, but most definitely a loss.


Tonight’s ~10k tempo at run club. We did the 2nd Beach Pool route around the seawall, which was BUMPING tonight! So many people. The first half of the run felt really great and relaxed, but it was HOT out there! After rounding the pool I slowed my pace significantly, and was feeling so defeated. I just kept thinking about the half on Sunday and letting little fears creep up. I’ve set a tentative goal of 1:45, and kept thinking, Come on, Care, if you can’t even keep this pace for 10k, how can you expect to do it for 21.1?? I was thankful to hit the red lights on the way back up to Broadway, and finished 10.6k with an av pace of 4:49/km and 52:21 total time. Sweat Factor: High.

Jurek’s quote about the ‘noise that destroys’ really speaks to me. I feel like nerves and stressing, etc, has always been a huge factor for me in athletics, and I too easily talk myself out of my goals. It is continually surprising and inspiring what athletes can train their bodies to do physically, but I think confidence, attitude, and desire play such a huge role. Look at these guys for example!

Back to my standings for the week…


Realizing cold blast showers are over twice as fast if you put both legs under the cold water at the same time… Did I mention I am studying for an exam the weighs math ability quite heavily?


Eating approximately 80% of those cookies within 24 hours of baking them… actually, if I consider it carb loading for the half, is that a win?

See you Sunday for race recap!


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Week 2- Sunday Long Run- 15ish Oh hey taper

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  • 1. Amelia  |  June 24, 2010 at 5:30 am

    Win: Roomie gets to eat cookies.
    Draw: I blame the heat on the run so it will only make us better when it’s cooler?!
    Loss: we have to run 21km on Sunday.. have not gone that far since marathon day šŸ˜¦

  • 2. Katherine: What About Summer?  |  June 24, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    If you’re carb loading, hold nothing back. Mamapea puts up gloriously healthy cookies any way. You know they’re blueberry by the lovely leftover blue on the plate šŸ™‚

    best luck on the run


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