Oh hey taper

June 26, 2010 at 2:34 am Leave a comment

I set up shop at the Vancouver Public Library this afternoon and looked up to see I had managed to sit right in front of the running section. So much more interesting than the mental marathon that is the MCAT!

I was obviously lying when I said, “see you Sunday for race recap”, because here I am again! This is just a quicky to log last night’s run and a couple other things… such as this little piece of home I found in our fridge this am:

My running roomie’s lovely mumma is visiting from NS for the week, and trucked these lobstas coast to coast!

Anyway, last night I met with the marathon clinic and did a relaxed 6.6 km on the seawall to Cambie Street Bridge and back up to Broadway. I failed to set my Garmin but I ran with a group at a nice chatting pace, likely around 5.25/km.We took it pretty easy, as many of us are running Scotiabank, and fearless leader is tackling a 50 mile trail race on Sunday. You read that correctly.

The real fun started when we got back to the store, when a local chiropractor, Dr. Shelley Adams, led us in some stretching. Stretching is something I definitely overlook, which was evident as I struggled to contort into the basic positions that Dr. Shelley advised. I learned I probably have a ‘weak butt,’ attributing to my tight hamstrings, and a quick chat with the doc after the session revealed my shoulder alignment is completely uneven, and my head is crooked as well. WTF, body?! This actually explains a lot, like the restriction I feel in my neck. Shelley was actually shocked I’ve never had headaches (I think I’ve had 4 in my whole life), and recommended I come in for a proper examination, rather than just a once-over on the grass behind the store. As marathon clinic members were kindly offered 50% off an initial consultation, I think I might give it a shot. Anyone of my 5 readers been to a chiropractor?

In other news, all of a sudden this afternoon I’m feeling a little flu-y… I’m hoping it’s just standard hypochondria associated with tapering, and I’ll be good to go on Sunday!

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!


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