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July 5, 2010 at 12:54 am 3 comments

WARNING: Long post coming up…

The past few days have brought many great meals and miles- meals in the form of opportunities to eat more of Ms. Fraser’s delicious bread:

Pacific Foods squash soup+chickpeas+spinach+goat cheese+best bread ever

and seasonal brekkies:

oat bran+flax+chia & hemp seeds+almond butter+bluebs+cinnamon

and miles in the form of a trip to Victoria, a Canada Day speedwork sesh, and a Sunday long.

Having spent 5 of the last 6 Canada Days outside the country, it felt a little weird to be on Canadian soil! Amelia and I dressed for the occasion before meeting up with Alan, Jason, and Ken to head to the point grey high school track.

That asian peace sign is for you, Alan.

Jason, Amelia, and I decided to try out Yasso 800s– a speedwork tool where you turn your marathon goal time from hours to minutes (in my case, 3 hours 40 min becomes 3 min 40 seconds), and aim to run 800 meter repeats at that pace. We ended up doing 5-

1. 3:15

2. 3:20

3. 3:20

4. 3:20

5. 3:20

Extra points for consistency, Yasso? We were definitely all a bit speedy on these, likely aided by our leisurely ‘recovery’ walks jogs in between. Confession: I didn’t even look at my watch during the first one- I was too scared I would be way behind pace and get discouraged, so the 3:15 was a nice surprise! It was a good, tough workout, even though I felt like a huge slacker as Alan and Ken literally ran circles around us doing mile repeats at 10k pace. Holy heck you guys are hard core! I’ll be the first to admit I am not in love with the track. I find it monotonous and frustrating (and hard!) and much prefer twisty turny streets and changes in scenery (coming from the girl that spent 12+ years staring at the bottom of a pool?) but I’m really trying to make a commitment to speedwork and pay attention to my splits to hopefully see some progress over the summer. It’s also not so bad when you have lovely running buddies to chat with throughout the workout! Good job, team.

This am brought another 16km run, a giant figure-8 apty named “Kings and Queens”- shown below with artistic cred to the Jedi Master Dave

I spent the run chatting with Evelyn and a new running buddy, Carissa, and dreading the climb up to the top of QE Park. Speaking of progress, though, one great thing about doing the marathon clinic the second time around is feeling improvement on routes that were previously really challenging. The first time I did the Kings and Queens run, I literally could not make it up the hill without walking, and while I was still huffin’ and puffin’ by the top this morning, it really wasn’t too terrible! My Garmin didn’t wake up until a km and a bit into the run, but indicated an av pace of 5:30/km, including a good hang out session at the top of QE Park. I was proud of us for only taking the one break, and I made a big effort to pick up my pace in the last 4 km or so. I was more than ready to reward myself with one of Alyson’s delish muffins back at the store (thanks, girl! so good) and a cup of coffee with some new and old running friends. Overall, a lovely Sunday am.


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Homemade Bread! And the Scotiabank Half hot hot heat

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  • 1. Evelyn  |  July 5, 2010 at 2:09 am

    you were a speed demon for that last leg of the route! good on ya, girl! seems those speedwork sessions around the track are paying off 🙂 i was sooooo happy to be running with you girls again!!

    • 2. Amelia  |  July 5, 2010 at 5:16 am

      ev comment on my blog too!!!

  • 3. Andrea  |  July 5, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Sounds like a great Canada day long weekend! And some great runs too. The peace signs suit you ladies 🙂

    See you tomorrow for some frisbee action!


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