Brutal Prospects

July 12, 2010 at 4:18 am 2 comments

The last time I struggled so much to fall asleep because I was too hot was when I was living in this unairconditioned sweatbox luxurious cottage affectionately known as Breaker #3  on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where I slept every single night in the star fish position to minimize sweat accumulation and with all of our windows and doors wide open. Running here was awesome in that the Outer Banks are literally a series of giant sand bars (read: not a single hill!) but had to occur at 5:00am or after dark to beat the humidity. Maybe Van’s not so bad in the heat and I just need to stop complaining and let my body get used to it?  Not before I write a whole post bitching about it.

Maybe this week’s longish run was karmic payback for how I pridefully waxed poetic about all my “progress” last week, but this morning’s 16k-turned-17km run out to Prospect Point and back felt so brutal!

First, rewind to Thursday where the clinic met for a little chat with Dr. Aaron Case about injury prevention and some procrastination in the air-conditioned store before heading out for a 10k in the evening sun. It was still hot, but this hilly loop along Angus and MacDonald felt pretty good- certainly better than Wednesday’s sauna-fest 10k around the seawall!  It was a great route for the night, as it had some long shady portions and several homes had thoughtfully put sprinklers on their lawns to cool us off.

Today’s route, designed by Dave

We also went around the marina before going over Burrard- that was part of it, right?

Back to today- this morning’s run started well enough, as I set out with hockey all-star Brittany and previous marathon clinic instructor Angela, who was just joining us to 2nd Beach Pool in her 29km training run for her FIFTH IRONMAN. No big deal. Angela had some great insight into training, notably the importance of building your distance, not your speed, on the long runs to be able to recover thoroughly, and ensured we maintained about a 5:30 pace. Although I had planned on skipping the walks today, we agreed on ’20 and 1s’, as Angela noted the heat was going to be a factor. It was definitely not as hot today as earlier this week, but I started feeling a little nauseous shortly after we parted ways with Angela. Although Brittany and I had step-by-step directions we somehow managed to lose track of the route in Stanley Park and run an extra km en route to the Point. The benefit to this was we were able to join a pace group (3:45 I think?) that had managed to successfully follow directions. I latched on to this group and decided to join in their 10 and 1s as I was really struggling.

During today’s run a lot of questions were running through my mind, prominently, “am I copping out right now?” as my pace dropped and I began taking frequent walk breaks. It sure didn’t feel like it at the time, but where does the line blur between adjusting your goals due to conditions and how you feel, and slacking because it got hard all of a sudden? I try to focus on small victories and was trying to be proud for just getting the distance in, telling myself that ‘most people are still in bed right now”…. but why do I derive my feelings of accomplishment from what OTHER people are doing- running is all about personal improvement, right?

Phew, this is a long post. I ended up back at the store for an even 17.09k, with a 5:43 av pace- more shuffling than running I think! I seriously felt like I was going to be sick! The past couple days I haven’t felt like eating at all (that is absolutely the first time in my life I have ever said that) and I think maybe my lack of fuel in the tank caught up to me today? Or maybe I’m just a huge slacker for thinking I couldn’t power through? OR maybe it was just a rough one and can file it away in the “bad day” folder?

Either way, I enjoyed a nice post run lying in the grass stretching sesh with some clinic members, and found another maritimer in the group- what up Laurie! Sidenote: Dear Breakfast Club; please return to running, as I was lonely and hungry meandering home alone with no brunch in my tummy. That is all.


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  • 1. Grielbie  |  July 14, 2010 at 5:52 am

    Care! Just read through your blog…so amazing!! All the pics of delicious food is making my stomach growl and I just had breaky!

    So proud of your training – you girls are an inspiration!!


    • 2. carolynmr  |  July 14, 2010 at 9:38 pm

      Al you are so sweet! you are my 6th reader haha! move to van and be my training buddy! i miss you!


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