Week in review

July 16, 2010 at 9:43 pm Leave a comment

Tuesday- 8km tempo. It was hot. It was hard. I ran it. I was sweaty.

Distance: 8.00km (I literally stopped moving my feet the second I got to this point)

Time: 38:31, Av. Pace: 4:49/km.

Tuesday also brought the first sign of the tomatoes I am attempting to grow! Come on little guy, you can make it!

Wednesday: Run Club. QE Park hill ain’t got nothin’ on me, Evey, and Aly. Just sayin’. Lovely run ladies, thanks so much.

Distance: 11.26 km. Time: 58:58. Av. Pace: 5:14/km.

Thursday: Study-fest, fueled by this delish little treat from Alyson‘s NYC adventures! Love this flavour, thanks so much girl! I wonder who’s job it is to say, Canadians don’t get Vanilla Almond…?

Dear luna bar, please expand your Canadian flavour selection. thank you.

… followed by some gait analysis by Dr. Shelly at marathon clinic night. This was seriously enlightening. I don’t think I ever really notice the way people run, unless their style is extreme one way or the other, so it was so interesting to watch everyone individually and see all the quirks that people have. It’s also slightly embarrassing! Apparently I run with a crooked shoulder alignment and a chicken-wing left arm? Why am I doing this? And I have a weak butt. A girl can’t hear that enough.

After learning how to run, we took our new skills to the road for our first hill workout. Dave suggested for homework this week, taking a weakness and turning it into a strength, and for me, hills come to mind almost immediately… right after my butt. haha. But in seriousness, this is definitely where I struggle. I try to keep Dave’s “scary feet scary feet” mantra in my head, but I feel like I’m wading through quicksand. For our first workout we did 5 repeats on W29th, covering about 4 blocks. My goal for the night was to be consistent, and I think I hung in there pretty well, although I was wishing I was drunk like Evelyn to numb the pain ;). My fastest hill (the first, shocker) was 2:30, and my slowest (2nd to last) was 2:36. Although this wasn’t so bad, I’m having trouble picturing doing 10 repeat- I’m just trying to think positively and remember that it WILL get easier.

Other stuff I am loving this week-

seasonal snacks

locally grown fruits+running room brand nuts

smoothies in bowls

this is probably one of the weirder things I’ve eaten for brekkie but it was so good- greek yogurt, Vega vanilla almond shake & go, frozen banana, and almond milk, topped with Kashi crunch, local bluebs, almond butter and cinnamon. Breakfast of champions?

this is a fruit bowl

Big, giant salads. And…

Practice tests!

This is a lie, I don’t love this. It doesn’t love me. Fake it till you make it?

Speaking of studying, time to get back at it! Summerfast 10k tomorrow, good luck to everyone racing! As it’s over in Stanley Park, there might be a new brunching opportunity, stay tuned…


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Brutal Prospects Summer Fast, Some are slow

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