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My running has been admittedly slack the past couple weeks due to my nearly-cross-Canada trip for the best wedding ever (seriously), my last minute cramming for the MCAT, and finding my way to Mountlake Terrace, WA to write the test. With these events behind me, I’m so thankful to be catching up with training and training buddies.

First things first. The wedding. If I was training for an endurance binge-drinking event, my sister’s wedding weekend in Ottawa would put me in good standing. Actually, I might have over-trained a bit. Speaking of ‘catching up,’ it was so so so great to see everyone. I can’t remember the last time all my cousins were in the same place, and nearly everyone from both sides of my family was there.
Highlights included:

– Thursday: A quick 10km along the Rideau Canal. Ottawa is actually a pretty great city for running, it has a really nice multi-use path along the canal, so I did 5km out and turned around and came back in 51 min. Followed by dinner out with my siblings Heather and Kevin, my mum, dad, and Jason (my sister’s new husband!). We went to a Portugese restaurant, where wine flowed, and then hit an Irish pub, where we coincidentally ran into my Newfoundland cousins for more drinks.


So thankful for these two!

Dad explaining that it's too early to go home, and the night must continue

Friday: I woke up feeling a bit hungover but tried to force a quick run anyway. Major fail. I made it exactly 5 km, which included a bathroom break and a walk break with 300m to go. Better than nothing? Debatable. I also had a ‘bachelorette’ afternoon at a Nordic Spa with my sister and her lovely friends Maia and Katy. This place is amazing- it’s a whole bunch of outdoor pools of different temperatures in a beautiful setting. So relaxing!

Maid of Honour and Bride!

Friday also included a cocktail party that turned into a pub crawl/dance floor session that lasted until 3am. Sidenote: Dear Heather and Jason; I apologize for making you take me to get falafels at 3am the night before your wedding. Love, Care. Actually, while I’m at it… Dear feet; I apologize for attempting to wear 4 inch heels, dancing barefoot for 3 hours plus, and proceeding to enter the dirty falafel shop with no shoes on. Love, Care.

German cousins Ben and Laura

Moffatt ladies + Jason

My former roomie Kathleen and me. No idea who that guy is.

Saturday- THE BIG DAY. I woke up with black feet, burping up falafel and hummus (too much info for the blog?) and feeling like vomiting. After the previous day’s running fail, I decided to do a quick strength workout at the hotel gym and cut my losses before heading out to buy a more suitable pair of shoes to ensure making down the isle.

The wedding was so beautiful. Neither of our families are religious, so the ceremony was quite short but very personal. Confession: I cried throughout the entire thing. WHO AM I? but my sis looked so grown up, and everything about the ceremony was so heartfelt and touching. Heather- Congrats! You looked beautiful!

As much as I can say about the ceremony, the party that followed was a TIME. My family was wild! So so much fun.

16 year olds are allowed to get drunk at weddings

They call this move 'the superman.' No word of a lie.

My mum's best friend Cathy is saying, "Do you think we can make it to the table?"

I woke up in my bridesmaid’s dress the next day, which had a huge hole in the bottom because apparently it got caught in the escalator at the venue. Such a bummer, but totally worth it. Made it to the airport just as my flight was boarding to head back to Van on Sunday evening.

So in conclusion, I ran 15 km (barely) in about 7 days, but prepared my liver for any toxins it may encounter during the marathon. Week in review and MCAT recap coming up!


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