Sympathy Pains

August 20, 2010 at 12:40 pm 1 comment

Holy heck it’s been ages since I last posted! While I haven’t been blogging, I have been running!

Tuesday Aug 10- Lovely 12 km with Alyson in the middle of the day. We discussed important world issues, like Proposition 8 and crepes vs. pancakes.

Wednesday Aug 11- 10.83 with run club to alma and back. I actually have no recollection of doing this, but Daily Mile tells me it happened.

Thursday Aug 12- BOOT CAMP. Definitely recall this. I was seriously nervous for this run for days! As I’ve complained reflected many times before, hills are my nemesis weakness. I actually missed this run the first time through the marathon training, and had sort of built it up to mythical proportions. In the end it wasn’t so bad! It was a hot evening but it was such a great feeling at the top of QE Hill to see everyone reach the top. I think I need to continue doing marathon clinics because no where else in my life do I receive so many high fives! They make you feel so good about yourself!

Friday Aug 13- Daily mile tells me I didn’t run this day, but I did go for a really long bike ride (for me!) to get a criminal records check at the Vancouver Police Station and back. I think I also went to the gym this day and the next. Why is my memory so bad??

Sunday Aug 15- DUNDARAVIN’ MAD? Along with the marathon crew, I ventured for farther into West Van than Park Royal for the first time. This was such a great run, the West Van sea wall is so pretty! We kept a really great relaxed pace (I think around 5:30 pace while running) and took walk breaks every 10 minutes. I loved that the run was broken up into quarters, with breaks at Prospect Point and Dundarave Park. This was also Andy’s last run with the crew, which is so sad. We had a group brunch at the Regal Beagle, aka the worst service in all of Vancouver. Sorry it was kind of my idea to go there? Andy, you will be missed, and best of luck in Montreal!

Why are Christine and I snuggling in this photo?

I didn’t make it out running again until Wednesday, but I did have time to make these delicious buckwheat pancakes with a mix I bought at home from Speerville Mill, an organic grain producer in NB. I ignored the package instructions to add milk, an egg, and some oil, and instead used. a ripe banana, some chocolate almond milk and vanilla. Topped with chia and hemp seeds, almond butter, cinnamon, coconut, and maple syrup, these were so delish.

Wednesday Aug 18- 10k around the Science World loop with Evie and Aly, then the GRIND for my first time! The girls took it easy on me as I was a grind newbie, and it was still pretty hard. I’m in awe of all the fit grandmas and grandpas scurrying up the mountain! And also the crazies in flip flops, what are you thinking?? Well worth it for the drinks and nachos at the top! Thanks for a great day, girls!

Thursday Aug 19- HILLS AND THRILLS. Our last hill workout with the crew! Can’t say I’m shedding any tears over this one! We returned to the site of our very first hill work out, West 29th Ave for 10 reps. This was a toughy, but so satisfying! I was a little nervous as I had missed the workouts where we did 7 and 8 reps, but it was so satisfying to pound these out and not feel like I was dying! My legs were a bit tired from “grinding”, but I didn’t get the wading-in-quicksand feeling until pretty close to the end. High fives all around!

Phew, feels good to be caught up. I’m about to head to Whislter with the “Babe Patrol” for a 5 Peaks trail race tomorrow, but I’m not totally sure if I’m going to do it… this is completely embarrassing, but yesterday on the way to Running Room, Amelia and I witnessed a car accident (everyone involved was fine, thank goodness) right in front of us (the cars came up on the sidewalk), and I was so startled I jumped and hurt my back! I am being serious. I wasn’t involved in this accident in any way, just a bystander, and somehow have whip lash? Sympathy pains, maybe? And yes, I realize this sounds incredibly ridiculous and narcisistic. Turning my head or standing/sitting in normal positions are not happening right now, so I’m going to evaluate tomorrow. I think running last night might not have been so smart, and I want to be able to pound out 32km on Sunday! I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be better by tonight to hit a dancefloor in Whistler! Priorities, people. Hopefully wine is that magic cure?


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Babe Patrol Scenic hike recap, 32 km, and a goodbye (for now)

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  • 1. kristine  |  August 20, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Haha..maybe just because we tried to cram way too many people into that booth?


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