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September 15, 2010 at 5:36 pm 3 comments

As I started typing this post, I heard Running Room Messiah Founder John Stanton on CBC radio?

First things first. A BIG GIANT thank you to Dave for designing the above awesome logo, and allowing us to race in style in our upcoming marathons! I was so excited to see this in my inbox, as I have been (not so) secretly coveting the Broadway Run Club singlets and t shirts Dave and now Alan sport from time to time. I love the pink and black,Ā  the stiletto and the retro letters- stylish AND sporty- just like us? Ok who am I kidding, at least we are sporty? So excited to put this on a shirt!

Last Thursday, we hit the Point Grey track for 3 x 1 mile. I can’t stress enough how much harder a mile on the track is than a kilometer. Holy heck these were hard, and this week we’re heading back for 4… nervous already.Ā  My ‘goal’ pace was 7min, and definitely went out too hard on the first one. 1. 6:46 2. 7:oo 3. 7:05 <—- oopsie. With nearly 4km to the track each way, this wasn’t too bad for a weeknight!

Friday I went for a quick easy jog with my friend Lanna, visiting from New Brunswick and was staying with me for the weekend. I think we covered about 7km, and I got a chance to show off my ‘hood. Sunday it was back out with the marathon clinic for nearly 32km in the pouring down rain to the North Van running room. This was a particularly tough run for me as I was battling some stomach issues, but afterwards I’m so glad I stuck it out. In the end I got just over 31km in 2.52:16.

Yesterday I headed out solo and made my way back to Point Grey, where I did about 2km barefoot on the inside of the track before doing a quick tempo around Larch-Puget-Macdonald for 10km total. It was such a cool sensation to feel the differences in temperature around the turf. Sidenote: to the asshole that let your dog take a crap ON THE TURF and then didn’t pick it up… you are probably going to hell.

I must admit that if I came across a bunch of women referring to themselves as a ‘babe patrol‘ I would think, ‘what a bunch of bitches.’ But you girls have become so much more than running buddies, just like the marathon is so much more than an extra long run. It’s hard to explain what draws me to running a marathon, but I think it’s about setting a goal and working towards it, responding to challenges and setbacks. It’s about having high expectations for yourself, adapting, and meeting a challenge- important things not just in running, but also in life. A month out from race day, I’m finding I’m not getting the sickly nervous dread I associate with racing, but for the first time I feel confident that maybe I CAN acheive my goal- and maybe other goals too?! Babe patrol- you girls are so much a part of this! Earlier this summer, I mentioned to my little bro that “all my friends and I talk about is running,” and he responded, “Wow, what are those conversations like: ‘I went for a run.’… ‘So did I.'” Hardly! It might be hard for non-runners to understand, but through all our long runs, hills, speedwork sessions and races, I feel like we’ve been through such a cool, hard, rewarding experience together, developing a really unique friendship, and for me, pride that extends outside of just running.Ā  I’m so proud to wear matching t-shirts on race day with you girls (wherever we may be!). Even if we might look like a bunch of bitches ;).


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Cute-iful PB and J

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. amelia  |  September 15, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    I love this šŸ™‚
    Although it does provide me with some anxiety at how out of shape I am getting in China and how much I miss you guys!

  • 2. carolynmr  |  September 15, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    you will NEVER get out of shape! miss you so much girl.

  • 3. Katie  |  September 16, 2010 at 11:55 am

    I love that logo = very stylish, so awesome, and so not bitchy at all! You’re just saying it like it is, really šŸ˜‰ Have a great marathon!


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