the time warp

back to the '80s

This past weekend, we traveled back in time for an ’80s themed charity dodgeball tournament (resulting in one half of my body feeling like it was in a car accident- throwing is hard). Alan, please grow an actual mustache like the one you are wearing in this pic. It’s very endearing. Question: When will side pony tails come back in style? Answer: Not soon enough.

The ’80s continued into the night at the tourney after party, and I am officially going booze-free until the marathon. No, really this time. The 26km run the next morning was a snap back to reality- the good times of the ’80s were over and I was feeling  sluggish. I warned Andrea around km 1.5 that I would be running in silence from there on out. Thanks for understanding, girlfriend. In the end we got just shy of 26km with a 5:29/km pace. Speaking of time warps, I can’t believe we’re tapering already! I feel like the marathon really snuck up on me, but at the same time I am feeling ready and excited. And INSPIRED after hearing clinic member Christina busted out a 3:26 marathon in Toronto, knocking 20 minutes off her time from Van. CONGRATS, girl!

In other news, I have successfully stayed in 1 city for a year! Happy anniversary to us, Vancouver! Can’t believe how fast this year went by! In the past 12 months, I…

– Moved over 4000km across the country

– Swam in the pacific for the first time!

– Entered my ‘mid-twenties’… eek!

– Ran my first marathon, and am days away from my 2nd!

– Competed in several road races and my very first trail races,  loved them all, and covered my fridge with race bibs (yes, that is also a photo of the main guy from glee with his shirt open on my fridge. please don’t judge me. there is also a photo of Peter Mansbridge somewhere there too)

– Taught a 10k running clinic

– Took a french class

– Wrote a section of labour market study on green jobs in BC for the Globe Foundation of Canada

– Volunteered for the David Suzuki Foundation, Camp Moomba, and Vancouver Coastal Health

– Attended Olympic events, celebrated Canada in the streets, and had nachos and beer for supper for 16 nights straight (new Olympic endurance event?)

– Watched my big sis get married!

– Had a career epiphany, studied for and wrote a super hard test, and applied to go back to school (med schools please accept me?)

– Made an awesome group of running buddies/life buddies

It’s been a really awesome, speedy, introspective, rewarding, and FUN year for me, and I am so thankful for all these experiences, and many more to come!


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PB and J

The past few days I’ve been experiencing (more) intense (than usual) peanut butter cravings, and inspired by Amelia’s cooking class, I did some kitchen experimentation last night. Yes, friends, I have combined 3 awesome concepts (peanut butter, jam, and cookies) into 1 awesome polygamous marriage of baked goods.

4 ingredient pb & j cookies

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup raw cane sugar

1 egg

jam (yes, jam is 1 ingredient)

Mix first 3 ingredients, and drop onto baking sheet using an ice cream scoop. Using a small spoon, make a shallow depression in each cookie. Fill with jam. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Let cool on sheet for one minute. Eat. 4 in one night.

Moving on to running, last Thursday we headed back to Point Grey High in the rain for 4x1600m. I tried to be a lot more consistant than last time, and ended up getting a wee bit faster each time.

1. 7:06

2. 7:01

3. 7:00

4. 6:57

So glad to have these done! Now that we’re within 3 weeks from race day, I can’t believe how soon Oct 10 is creeping up! Sunday marked our final real long run, and my 2nd longest run ever (aside from the BMO marathon), finishing up 35 km at the new UBC running room.  It didn’t feel too too bad! Those last 3km were definitely a bit of a struggle, but the next day I hardly felt sore at all, and ran an easy 11km on Tuesday feeling pretty fresh. I’m about to head out for a quick 10km with Evy and Andrea before hitting the BCMC trail. Taper tantrums please stay away.

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Stylish Speedsters

As I started typing this post, I heard Running Room Messiah Founder John Stanton on CBC radio?

First things first. A BIG GIANT thank you to Dave for designing the above awesome logo, and allowing us to race in style in our upcoming marathons! I was so excited to see this in my inbox, as I have been (not so) secretly coveting the Broadway Run Club singlets and t shirts Dave and now Alan sport from time to time. I love the pink and black,  the stiletto and the retro letters- stylish AND sporty- just like us? Ok who am I kidding, at least we are sporty? So excited to put this on a shirt!

Last Thursday, we hit the Point Grey track for 3 x 1 mile. I can’t stress enough how much harder a mile on the track is than a kilometer. Holy heck these were hard, and this week we’re heading back for 4… nervous already.  My ‘goal’ pace was 7min, and definitely went out too hard on the first one. 1. 6:46 2. 7:oo 3. 7:05 <—- oopsie. With nearly 4km to the track each way, this wasn’t too bad for a weeknight!

Friday I went for a quick easy jog with my friend Lanna, visiting from New Brunswick and was staying with me for the weekend. I think we covered about 7km, and I got a chance to show off my ‘hood. Sunday it was back out with the marathon clinic for nearly 32km in the pouring down rain to the North Van running room. This was a particularly tough run for me as I was battling some stomach issues, but afterwards I’m so glad I stuck it out. In the end I got just over 31km in 2.52:16.

Yesterday I headed out solo and made my way back to Point Grey, where I did about 2km barefoot on the inside of the track before doing a quick tempo around Larch-Puget-Macdonald for 10km total. It was such a cool sensation to feel the differences in temperature around the turf. Sidenote: to the asshole that let your dog take a crap ON THE TURF and then didn’t pick it up… you are probably going to hell.

I must admit that if I came across a bunch of women referring to themselves as a ‘babe patrol‘ I would think, ‘what a bunch of bitches.’ But you girls have become so much more than running buddies, just like the marathon is so much more than an extra long run. It’s hard to explain what draws me to running a marathon, but I think it’s about setting a goal and working towards it, responding to challenges and setbacks. It’s about having high expectations for yourself, adapting, and meeting a challenge- important things not just in running, but also in life. A month out from race day, I’m finding I’m not getting the sickly nervous dread I associate with racing, but for the first time I feel confident that maybe I CAN acheive my goal- and maybe other goals too?! Babe patrol- you girls are so much a part of this! Earlier this summer, I mentioned to my little bro that “all my friends and I talk about is running,” and he responded, “Wow, what are those conversations like: ‘I went for a run.’… ‘So did I.'” Hardly! It might be hard for non-runners to understand, but through all our long runs, hills, speedwork sessions and races, I feel like we’ve been through such a cool, hard, rewarding experience together, developing a really unique friendship, and for me, pride that extends outside of just running.  I’m so proud to wear matching t-shirts on race day with you girls (wherever we may be!). Even if we might look like a bunch of bitches ;).

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This past weekend was pretty much the opposite of running, as Andrea, Evelyn and I ventured out of town for the Live at Squamish music fest. Important scientific experiments were conducted (for the record, taste tests revealed we all like different Granville Island Beers, and can thus continue to purchase the ‘Mingler’ pack, and also that we have mediocre ability to identify specific brews with our eyes closed).


My favourite performers were people I didn’t really know before, like The Dudes (amazing!) and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. It was such a weird feeling to roll out of bed on Sunday and not head out running! It made the whole day feel bizarre and off (continuing ‘taste tests’ may have contributed to this feeling). We still had the obligatory Sunday Brunch, where we discussed what non-runners do on Sundays, and thought of everyone at Broadway who had run several kilometers while we were still asleep. Thanks, girls, for such a fun weekend! You are both so “cute-iful” (as one classy guy at the fest described Evelyn).

………Like the H.C. marathoners we are, we dragged our butts out in the pouring rain on Monday for the long run we missed. After a weekend of sitting around drinking, I was feeling sluggish to say the least. I seriously felt like I had lost all my fitness in a matter of days! Thank goodness for running buddies, as I don’t know if I would have had the motivation to leave my house pound out this run if I didn’t know people were waiting for me! Although it was a drop back week, this route (a figure 8 up QE hill and then over to UBC) was really tough, as there were some really tough climbs in there. In the end our mobile wet t-shirt contest got 23km done in 2:09. Sorry I was so cranky/worst running company ever?

I was feeling much better for our run club run last night. I felt like the group was huge, and it was fun to be reunited after missing the weekend! We ran the Blenheim-Highbury-Point Grey 10km route in 51 min. I’ve been trying to think about technique a lot lately, as I’ve been battling a little knee pain (nothing serious) and am hoping there’s a biomechanical fix. I also bought ‘the stick’ I’ve been coveting at RR (essentially a glorified rolling pin for rolling out muscles) and am hoping to sort out some of my tightness in my legs. We had a talk on massage therapy last thursday, which totally reminded me I have been slacking in the self-care department- contrast showers, icing, core work and stretching have sort have fallen to the wayside, but with a month out until Victoria I need to make a commitment to these non-running elements of training.

Tonight we’re back at the track (efff).

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A bunch of new stuff

The past few days have brought a whole bunch of new stuff.

New recipes

vegan blueberry crisp

I kind of made this up as I went along and didn’t measure anything- I’m not going to culinary school any time soon! The filling is just bluebs, a squirt of lemon juice, and a couple tablespoons of raw cane sugar, and the topping is oats, a bit of whole wheat flour, some apple sauce, maple syrup and cinnamon. It’s pretty good, but I think I always compare blueberry desserts to my Grandma’s, and her’s are just WAY better tasting, and way less vegan.

New houseguests

oh hey, Alan!

– New personal victories- on Tuesday I ran to the top of QE park by myself! 10 km in 52 min.

– Hopefully a new tradition of running early on Wednesday and then hitting social night at Grouse Mountain. Andrea and Ev and I had an epic gossip sesh while we did the science world 10k route, and then headed up to the BCMC trail where our venting, ranting, and laughing continued. This was such a great day! It was the perfect time to hit the trail, with the sun just starting to go down, and doing the BCMC rather than the grind meant the trail wasn’t so busy. I also need to point out that this was Ev’s SECOND time climbing Grouse in the same day. – H…..C.

Once we got to the top, we literally got a whole bunch of new stuff in the social night draw prizes. The bounty included a new shirt for me, new oakley sunnies for Andrea, a new H20 bottle for Ev, and after an impromptu and embarrassing arm wrestling match (new sport, maybe?) with another girl in the bar, new weekend plans for everyone! Bye, fat ass trail run, hello Live at Squamish music festival (priorities, people)! I am SO excited! Thanks so much, babes, for a hilarious and awesome night!

– My first solo shift at my new volunteer position with Vancouver Coastal Health at the Pender Needle Exchange. I basically sit behind a takeout window on Pender and give out sterile syringes and accept used ones. This is something that is admitedly a bit out of my comfort zone, for obvious reasons, but harm reduction is something I feel really strongly about, and I apprecuate the “no judgement” and “no strings attached” attitude the program takes- it just provides a means for people to do safer what they will find a way to do one way or another. And it’s actually a pretty sweet gig for someone who is passionate about public health but decidedly lazy. I gave out 2 needles in approximately 2 hours, and read 2 chapters of my book. And also some new literature…

new storm warnings– careful everyone at home, and my second home in North Carolina!

hello, Earl

– and finally, the new phase of the marathon training, aka THE TRACK. Going by our 5km times from last week, we hit the ghetto Hamber track for 4 x 1000m. I’ve previously described my relationship with the track as “hate”, but it’s more complicated than that. There is definitely some comfort in repetition for some reason (hello, swimming). I find track workouts to be a bit of an inner struggle, in that I want to be smart and stick to my pace goal (4:20/km), but also want to push myself and keep up with the pack! In the end, my splits were

1. 4:07

2. 4:10

3. 4:06

4. 4:02

Obviously a bit faster than 4:20, but I figured as long as I could be consistent it was fine (Dave? Is this fine?). I REALLY tried to think about technique during these, and kept repeating in my head, “easy, light, smooth, fast” (thanks, Aly, for returning Born to Run!), but at one point got a glimpse of my shadow and realized by body was conveying none of these things! Great job last night, everyone!

Continuing with the ‘new stuff’ theme, tonight we venture to a new dance floor. Hope Honey can handle us!

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And then there were three

First, we said “au revoir” to Andy, then we said 再見 to Amelia (thank you google translate), and today, Alyson becomes the third broadway runner to ship out. Girl, it is so sad to say goodbye! Thanks so much for all the kilometers that breezed by because we were chatting, for indulging my love of healthy and delicious food, for all the “i have an idea”s,  adventures, tasty treats, and laughs. I so admire your motivation and your drive, and I know whatever comes next for you, you will go after it with all your turbo positive energy and be successful. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you this year, and live it up in your last year at uni! We will miss you here, but I know it’s only bye-for-now! (ps come to Thailand?)

you trying to remove his shirt= best night of this 18 year old's life

Babes, patrolling

we miss you already girls!

We are holding down the fort until you get back!

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Pier Pressure

Nags Head Pier, NC

Wishing I was here

or at home at Martinique or L-town for a body bash in this…

hello, Danielle

Although I haven’t been getting rocked by waves in the north Atlantic from a weakening hurricane, my body feels sufficiently bashed after today’s 32 km to New West. Andrea recently wrote about peer pressure from friends and how she feels better running the morning after a few jaggerbombs.  I think this technique only works for me if I manage to still be drunk by the time the morning run rolls around. I have been one boozey floozey lately, and this morning’s run following a friend’s birthday at the Alibi Room was a painful reminder that I might need to instate a sober saturday rule of my own. There is no way I could have gotten through this run solo, and was thankful for our extended pit stops at Science World and along the way.  In the end we found our way to the Paddlewheeler Pub for about 31.7 km in about 3 hours (forgot to trun the garm back on after one of our breaks). Love the destination run!

Backing up to earlier in the week- Wednesday brought a regular run club 10k, while Thursday brought the dreaded “fun” run 5k to mark the beginning of speed work. I really empathized with Evie‘s post about racing- I definitely struggle with nerves and negative self talk when it comes to competing. I can’t even identify what it is I feel anxious about, but racing brings me so much anxiety sometimes that my goals shift  from a certain time standard, to survival mode where all I care about is getting through it and finishing. What can’t I get over this? What do I think is going to happen to me? Haven’t I been in enough races that it should be no big deal by now? I ended up finishing the 5k in 21:57 a 4:23/km pace (although my Garmin measured just short of 5k- just smart racing, right?). When I got home I checked my time during the last clinic, which was a 23:20. I’m happy with the unofficial PB, relieved it’s over, and feel reasurred that McMillan still has faith in me…

Friday (before a snack feast with Aly and Evie and a sweaty dance floor sesh- LOVE 90s night), I had a very leisurely 13.18 k to “stonehenge” and back. Time: 1:11.34; Av pace: 5.26/km.

Some exciting things coming up this week, like hitting the Grind on Wednesday, our first track sesh on Thursday, and some potential baking adventures!

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